UCC School of Law Family Law Clinic

The Family Law Clinic at University College Cork is a pro-bono legal research service provided for lawyers by the masters students of the LLM Children’s Rights and Family law in the UCC Law School. The Clinic aims to enhance and support the quality of litigation in family law cases, predominately those relating to family formations, domestic and intimate partner abuse,  relationship breakdown and the associated inter parte obligations, with a view to impacting positively upon the understanding and implementation of these evolving areas of Irish law. 

  The Clinic seeks to:

  • Support lawyers litigating issues relating to family formations, domestic violence, relationship breakdown and associated inter parte responsibilities
  • Inform and support the work of organisations that provide assistance and advice to those in need
  • Promote evidence-based reform in all areas of Irish family law;
  • Provide students with an insight into the law in practice, and in particular, practical experience of family law and litigation.

The Clinic does not provide legal advice to individuals but rather supports lawyers to represent and litigate on these issues. It also aims to provide legal support to organisations working with individuals and families. We would be delighted to provide research support for any cases you may be handling in the area of family law. Please note that the Family Law Clinic will only be operating for the first semester this academic year (September – December).

For further information please contact Professor Louise Crowley, Director, Family Law Clinic, School of Law, UCC  l.crowley@ucc.ie

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