About the Southern Law Association

Dating from the 1870s, The Southern Law Association (SLA) is an association of solicitors whose members consist of practitioners working in Cork City and County. Every solicitor practicing in the City and County of Cork is entitled to apply to the SLA to be admitted as a member, subject to being proposed and approved by the council of the SLA.

The SLA is a voluntary association of its members and is not legally incorporated. It does not have regulatory powers and duties akin to the Law Society of Ireland. However, the SLA has gained official status and recognition over the years. In particular, the SLA is, by law, entitled to nominate five of its members to sit on the council of the Law Society of Ireland. This is an important plank in the representative platform of the SLA. Of the five nominated members of the SLA on the Law Society Council, one is selected by the West Cork Bar Association and one by the East Cork Bar Association. These nominees sit on the council of the Law Society and have been prominent in the operation of its committees. Other members of the SLA have successfully stood for direct election to the council of the Law Society.

Membership of the SLA is subject to the rules and regulation of the association and is also subject to an annual membership fee. Because the SLA is an association of solicitors, it is primarily concerned with issues affecting its members and the profession as a whole. The association also renders assistance in resolving disputes or difficulties concerning its members.

The SLA will not give legal advice or opinion and is primarily concerned therefore with keeping its members apprised of new developments.