The Non-Jury High Court will be sitting in Cork for two weeks beginning on 28th June next. We understand that Judge Tony Hunt will be sitting for the first week and Frank Clarke, the Chief Justice, with another Judge if required, for the second week.

There are only 15 cases in the list at present. The intention is that there will be a callover on the 4th June for the list. The list will still be held remotely. However, if the parties feel that any matter is not suitable for remote hearing then an application can be made on notice to the other side at the callover for the case to be held physically.

This is a great opportunity for Cork Practitioners to have High Court Non-Jury matters, including Motions dealt with expeditiously when the waiting time in Dublin for these cases is 13 weeks for motions and 8 months for hearings.

There is a danger that we could lose the Non-Jury sittings in Cork if local Practitioners do not avail of this facility.  

We would urge you to consider cases which you might have that would be suitable for an early hearing. Queries regarding to additions to the list can be sent to Mary Clare Kearney, Registrar at maryclarekearney@courts.ie   Practitioners should also check the legal diary for announcements regarding the list.

Litigation Committee

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