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Dear Colleagues,

Please see Circuit Court notification below; Dear Practitioners,

Following the introduction of Level 5 restrictions to reduce the spread of Covid 19 by the Government on the 6th January, 2021, the President of the Circuit Court has issued a statement which can be read by clicking on the following link.

The following lists below which were scheduled to be heard in Cork Circuit during the month of January are now cancelled.  All cases stand adjourned to a future date.  A notification of the adjourned date will issue from this office and on the legal diary in due course.  The Courts Service will review the situation on the 26th of January 2021.

County Registrar:
Family Law Motions, Civil motions, cases progressions and possession lists all adjourned

Any motions already served and filed for a date in January will be retained in this office and listed in due course.  Please do not file any new motions as there are no dates currently available.

Civil trials:
Civil trials and Judges motions all adjourned

Family trials:
Family trials and Judges motions all adjourned.

County Venues:
All CIVIL cases for country venues (Youghal, Clonakilty, Bandon, Skibbereen & Bantry s/a Skibbereen) are adjourned.  For criminal district court appeals, please see the practice direction above and if you have queries, please contact Anglesea Street Courthouse.  (

Infant Rulings:
A date will be set aside at the end of January to rule any infant settlements or cases settled before a notice of trial has been filed.  It is envisaged that a nominee of the Bar Council will move all applications on behalf of the plaintiffs before a Circuit Court Judge.  The matters are being dealt with on consent and no practitioner other than the nominee from the Bar Council will attend.

To get these matter before the court, please ensure the following:

The plaintiff should serve and file on all other parties a Notice of Motion/ExParte with this office.  Please leave the court date blank.  The documents must confirm the order required.  With regard to infant rulings all awards and amount of specials must be clearly set out and all affidavits must be signed by relevant parties.  

Cases where a Notice of Trial has been filed
This process applies only to cases where a notice of trial has been filed in this office.  The plaintiff should send an e-mail to  This is a designated e-mail address that has been set up for this purpose only.  The plaintiff’s e-mail will confirm the agreement of the parties and the precise details of the order sought (e.g. struck out with no order as to costs or struck out with terms attached).  This e-mail must be copied to all relevant parties. These cases will also be ruled by a Judge with the infant rulings above.


Norma Dineen,
Civil Section,
Cork Court Office,
Washington Street,

021 4805629

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