Circuit Court Civil – Infant Rulings/ Settled cases – February 23rd

Dear Practitioners,

Regarding cases that have settled, the President has (inter alia) issued the following direction:

“A Judge will be available to rule settlements, infant settlements and take applications”

Please see attached link to the full direction:

Such cases as outlined above will be heard together on Tuesday 23rd February before a judge.  Please note that this is a provisional date and may be subject to change, based on changing circumstances.  It is envisaged that one nominee from the Bar Council  will move all applications.  The matters are being dealt with on consent and no practitioner other than the nominee from the Bar Council may attend.

To get these matters before the court, please ensure the following:

Infant Rulings
The plaintiff should serve and file on all other parties a Notice of Motion/ExParte with this office in the usual manner.  The documents must confirm the order required.  With regard to infant rulings all awards and amount of specials must be clearly set out and all affidavits must be signed by relevant parties.  

Cases settled (where a Notice of Trial has been filed)
This process applies only to cases where a notice of trial has been filed in this office.  The plaintiff should send an e-mail to  This is a designated e-mail address that has been set up for this purpose only.  The plaintiff’s e-mail will confirm the agreement of the parties and the precise details of the order sought (e.g. struck out with no order as to costs or struck out with terms attached).  This e-mail must be copied to all relevant parties. These cases will also be ruled by a Judge with the infant rulings above.

All relevant documentation as outlined above should be received in this office by close of business on Thursday 18th February.  

David Tuohy
Cork Court Office
Washington Street
021 4805613

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