War & Law since 1945Geoffrey BestWar & Law1994

Location : First Filing Cabinet “A” 3rd ROW – 2nd Section (B)- (cab a – 3b)

Takeovers & Mergers Law in IrelandBlanaid ClarkeTakeovers & Mergers1999
Takeovers & Mergers – Weinberg – 3rd EditionM.A. WeinbergTakeovers & Mergers1971
Takeovers & Mergers – Weinberg & Blank – 4th EditionM.A. Weinberg, M. Blank & A.GreystokeTakeovers & Mergers1979

Location : First Filing Cabinet “A” 3rd ROW – 2nd Section (B)- (cab a – 3b)

Trust Law – Statement of Rules of Law & equity Applicable to Trusts – 9th EdGeorge W. KeetonTrusts1967
Trust Law – Lewin’s Practical Treatise 14th EditionR.I. Henty, J.P.L. RedfernTrusts1939

Location : First Filing Cabinet “A” 3rd ROW – 2nd Section (B)- (cab a – 3b)

Transfer of Undertakings – Employment Aspects of Business TransfersGary ByrneTransfer of Undertakings1999

Location : First Filing Cabinet “A” 4th ROW – 1st Section (A) – (cab a- 4a)

Trade Marks & Names – Kerly’s – 10th EditionT.A. Blanco WhiteTrade1972

LOCATION : First Filing Cabinet “A” 4th ROW – 3rd Section (c) – (cab a – 4c)

Trade Union LawA. Kerr & G. WhyteTrade Union1985

Location : First Filing Cabinet “A”4th ROW – 2nd Section (B) – (cab a – 4b)

The Law of TortsRichard RingwoodTorts1894
The Law of TortsHarry StreetTorts1955
Clerk & Lindsell on TORTS – 13th Edition.Torts1969
Clerk & Lindsell on TORTS – 14th Edition.Torts1975
Clerk & Lindsell on TORTS – 3rd Cumulative Supplemento 14th Edition.Torts1979
The Law of Torts – 8th EditionJohn G. FlemingTorts1992
Irish Law of TortsBryan M.E. McMahon & William BinchyTorts1981
Irish Law of Torts – Casebook onBryan M.E. McMahon & William BinchyTorts1983
Foundations of the Law of Tort – 2nd EditionGlanville Williams, B.A. HeppleTorts1984

LOCATION : Second Filing Cabinet “B” 1st ROW – 2nd section (B) ( cab b – 1b)

Registration of Title in IrelandDesmond L. McAllisterTitle Deeds1973

LOCATION : First Filing Cabinet “A” 5th ROW – 2nd Section (b) – (cab a – 5b)