We are here to support you. If you have an issue or a problem that you would like advice on or to discuss with a colleague in confidence please contact someone on the helpline listed below.

Don Crewe – Chairperson –  Email: dcrewe@pbuckley.ie –   website: https://www.pbuckley.ie/don-crewe/
Anne-Marie Linehan –  Email: alinehan@jwod.ie –  website: http://www.jwod.ie/our-people/anne-marie-linehan/
Jerry Cronin –  Email: info@croninsolicitors.ie –  website: http://jm-cronin-and-co.cork-solicitors.cork.tel/
Don Ryan – Email: don@donryan.ie – website:  http://donryan.ie/
Jack Purcell –  Email: jack@purcells.ie – website:  https://www.purcells.ie/person/Jack/Purcell
Brid O’ Flynn McSwiney – Email: brid@colmburke.com – website: https://www.irelandlookup.com/3785866/Solicitors/Cork/O’Flynn_McSwiney_Brid/

Brian Long – Email: brian.long@bls.ie  – website: https://www.irelandyp.com/company/87801/Long_Brian_Solicitors