Cork District Court Notice

Dear Colleagues,

Please see notice below issued from Cork District Court,  Anglesea Street, Cork City regarding Family Law, Cork City Council parking and littering summonses and Criminal Matters;

The current situation in the District Court in Anglesea Street is that the custody matters are being dealt with (by video link) along with hearings for Domestic Violence and other urgent matters. Short matters with only state witnesses and pleas may be dealt with at the discretion of the judge if it’s safe to do so. But if 50 people want to plead, then it’s not safe.  

New summons matters that have been served, but not yet heard, will be adjourned (most likely to May) with An Garda Síochana to notify. The same applies for City Council parking and littering summonses, which will adjourned en bloc, with the Council to notify the respondents.

To cater for social distancing and the reduced capacity of the courtrooms, the District Court staff are managing the numbers of accused persons before the court at any one time, by using different timeslots (see the list when it comes out) throughout the day.  

Some cases may be heard be heard at the discretion of the judge for e.g. drunk driving if only the accused and one Garda witness are involved. Any multiple witness cases are likely to be adjourned.

All the foregoing is at the discretion of the judge and safety underpins everything.

In respect of Cork District Court Civil matters, colleagues might please note the following;

The civil lists will be issued by email from the District Court Office each week as usual.

Will Harvey is acting as the designated solicitor on Fridays for the moment and maybe contacted at

Please send him all uncontested, consent and adjournment matters you can, to avoid going yourself.

Indeed William will move applications  and deal with Infant rulings should you need him to.

While there is no Ban on others attending we are doing our utmost to reduce footfall and assist the Courts services at this time.

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