VMR Callover of the High Court on Circuit Hearings list on 19th October 2020

Dear Practitioners,

We will hold a virtual callover each morning of the High Court on Circuit list before Mr. Justice Richard Humphreys.  The first callover will be on Monday, 19th October 2020 at 10:30am.  The purpose of these virtual callovers are to reduce the number of practitioners who need to attend court.  Please note that the hearings will start immediately after the callover and will be held in Courtroom 1.  The hearing of the cases is not virtual.

Please find attached below the chronological order of the list and the order in which the callover will run.
Please also find connection details to the VMR callover.  The same connection details will apply to each day i.e. Monday to Friday.  These details are for legal practitioners only.  

Any queries in relation to the list can be addressed by email to julianarussell@courts.ie

Cork Court Office
Washington Street