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Welcome to the Southern Law Association

The SLA is a voluntary association of its members and is not legally incorporated. It does not have regulatory powers and duties akin to the Law Society of Ireland. However, the SLA has gained official status and recognition over the years. In particular, the SLA is, by law, entitled to nominate five of its members to sit on the council of the Law Society of Ireland.

About the SLA

Dating from the 1870s, The Southern Law Association (SLA) is an association of solicitors whose members consist of practitioners working in Cork City and County. Every solicitor practising in the City and County of Cork is entitled to apply to the SLA to be admitted as a member, subject to being proposed and approved by the council of the SLA. The SLA is a voluntary ass...

What is CPD?

What Is Continuing Professional Development? CPD is defined in the Regulations as “the provision of further education or training (or both) to a solicitor, whether relating to law or to management and professional development skills, intended to develop the solicitor in his or her professional knowledge, skills and abilities, and may be referred to in common usage as ‘CPD...

  • Welcome to the Southern Law Association

  • About the SLA

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  • What is CPD?

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SLA Seminar

 Employment Law Breakfast CPD 19th October

Thursday 19th October  2017
Clayton Hotel,  Cork
7.30 am to 9.00 am
1 hour Management CPD
Cost €20.00

Terry O’Sullivan, current SLA President and Chair of the SLA Employment Committee will deliver this seminar on the 19 October 2017 at the Clayton Hotel. It will be an interesting and in-depth look at what can be a difficult process for any employer. It will be a valuable guide for any solicitor employer, and accordingly those attending will be entitled to one management CPD point.

Bookings by sending a cheque made payable to the Southern Law Association to the SLA Library, Courthouse, Washington Street, Cork.